How to maximise your fitness results?

Updated: Dec 11, 2020

In this blog I share my tips and tricks to help you see better results on your fitness journey. Please remember your journey Is different to mine but they may just benefit you like they did to me so read on guys.

Please remember I only speak from my own experiences and through what I've learnt.


Currently to this day I have been working out for 8 years, I have recently become a personal trainer as well as a fitness instructor and dance teacher!

It's never been an easy ride but with these top tips I really did notice a difference, a HUGE difference.

Some argue my transformation isn't that big...for me it was mentally too. On the first picture (2018) I was unhappy, binge eating, living away from home and generally an emotional wreck. I was dancing 10 hours a day and was feeding myself all the wrong food so had no energy and was physically and mentally exhausted! That lasted 2 years!


I was completely uneducated, thrown in at the deep end and completely home sick so food was my bestie, but not the yummy nutritious foods the biscuits, crisps, chocolate to the point where the whole bag was gone then i'd be completely depressed after.

Now all the above is fine to eat... in proportion!

So I educated myself, took baby steps and did all the tips in the video below to help myself get on track to a healthier lifestyle!

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How to maximise your fitness results?

Not seeing results whilst you train? Is your diet spiralling out of control?

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