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You are one step closer to a healthier lifestyle; simply fill out the form below to start your fitness journey!

Guiding you to a healthier lifestyle

Meals including foods you love

Following a meal plan will enable you to have stress free meals. Allowing you to follow a simple step by step instruction to ensure your body is getting the nutrients it needs.

Workouts to suit your lifestyle

Enjoy not having to think about what to train; its done for you. Here at Lucy rose coaching we take into account your physical capabilities to ensure we tailor the correct workout for you.

Not only do you complete the workouts but you have a visual outlook on how to execute each exercise, allowing you to feel confident in every single exercise you perform! 

Training videos to support workouts

Nutritional guidance to reach goals

I want to prove to you you don't need to cut out any foods. A healthy diet comes with balance. Let's continue to eat chocolate, sweet treats and savoury delights on your fitness journey. 

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